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Fort Ord Dunes State Park, Seaside

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Phipps Ocean Park, Palm Beach

Secluded beach with rocky shore. Oceanfront lunch nearby at Par 3!

Phipps Ocean Park, Palm Beach

Secluded beach with rocky shore. Oceanfront lunch nearby at Par 3!

Ocean Blvd Walk, Lake Worth

Wide sidewalk along Ocean Blvd with shade from the buildings, sweet views, and fantastic ocean air.

Three Tables Beach, North Shore

Small shady beach with clear water that's great for swimming in summer.

Diamond Head Road Overlooks

Gorgeous ocean views and an attractive lighthouse. Watch the surfers below!

Honoli'i Beach Park, Hilo

Beautiful headland, tropical vegetation, and popular surfbreak.

Point Loma neighborhood walk

Adorable houses with gardens full of flowers, and streets leading down to lookout points over the ocean.

Seagrove Pk and Powerhouse Beach, Del Mar

Lively beach with lawn, cypress trees, and lots of people having fun.

Mesa Lane Steps and Edgewater Way Walk

Steep stairs lead down, down, down to a lovely ribbon beach backed by high cliffs.

Makapuu Lighthouse Hike

Stunning view from the top, and a chance to see humpback whales along the way!

Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine

Pretty beach with views of lighthouse- you can park your 4X4 car on the beach.

Spyglass Park, Pismo Beach

Gorgeous blufftop views, a large lawn, and a playground.

Rockpile Beach, Laguna Beach

Small beach on the north end of Main Beach, with a little cave-like cove.

Pensacola Lighthouse

Pretty black and white lighthouse with pleasant views but no overseeing of how many people walk the fragile plank.

67th Ave Beach, Myrtle Beach

Beach with mucky sand and water, popular in summer.

Santa Lucea Beach, Hutchinson Island

A pretty beach with small dunes, a jungle path, and good surf.

Peacock Beach, Cape Canaveral

Beach with pretty dunes, slightly grody shoreline, and great walk to jetty.

Cocoa Beach and Pier

Best surfing in Florida! Beach and pier with slightly rundown restaurants.

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