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Goleta Beach Park

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Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach

A huge beautiful park with lake, turtle and frog sculptures, lighthouse, boat to climb in, splash pad, workout equipment- you name it they have it! Four play areas!

Lake Cachuma

A serene lake with an interesting nature center.

Tom Petty Park, Gainesville

Spacious park with tall trees, merry-go-round, swings, and playground.

Knob Hill Ave Walk, Redondo Beach

A pretty walk through a wealthy neighborhood all the way to the beach!

Hilltop Community Park, Rancho Penasquitos

Large field with sweeping views, playgrounds, workout stations, picnic pavilions, and walking path around the field.

Grand Park and Savannah's Playground, Myrtle Beach

Amazing playground in a lovely park with a small lake.

Pepper Grove Playground, Balboa Park

Large playground with animals to climb on, and beautiful trees.

Domenic Massari Park, Palmdale

About ten playgrounds built into one park! Recommended if you're already in the neighborhood.

Haleiwa Playground and Beach

A playground, large lawn with picnic tables, and small beach.

St. Pete Pier

Amazing new development with gorgeous modern buildings, cafes, an incredible playground, and interesting lights at night.

Sinsheimer Park giant playground, SLO

Best playground you'll ever visit! Huge slides, hillside slides, steep grass slope for cardboard sledding, cable zipline, and pretty trees to picnic under.

Champ de Mars, park near the Eiffel Tower

Fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower, plus a playground and carousel!

Grand Park and Savannah's Playground, Myrtle Beach

Amazing playground in a lovely park with a small lake.

Lake Balboa Park

A huge wonderful park with a new playground that is out of this world, a lake with paddle boats, and plenty of trees and grass.

Oak Park, Santa Barbara

A wonderfully shady park used for festivals, with a nice playground with net climby and a summer wading pool for little kids.

John Prince Playground, Lake Worth

Park on a lake with a ton of playgrounds side by side, and a splash pad!

Seaview Park, Channel Islands Harbor

A large grassy park in suburbia, with little hills to play on, and two playgrounds.

Windermere town, Orlando

A tiny main street with lovely Christmas lights, plus a large area of cookie cutter homes with some shadeless walking paths and lots of small parks.

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