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Louisiana Children's Museum

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Golisano Children's Museum, Naples

Beautiful children's museum with hours of things to do!

Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast

Beautiful museum with two-storey ship where kids can blast cannons, plus pretend grocery store, vet clinic, and auto repair center.

Golisano Children's Museum, Naples

Beautiful children's museum with hours of things to do!

Calabasas Commons

A shopping plaza with sidewalks cafes and shops that would look like Europe if it weren't so new!

Rue Saint-Jean and side streets

Adorable architecture, lots of cafes, and a good bookstore.

University Place Indoor Mall, Chapel Hill

Nice place to walk around when it's cold or hot outside.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

A maritime museum at Santa Barbara Harbor that keeps kids and adults busy learning for hours!

NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh

Two beautiful modern buildings full of attractive exhibits including some live animals.

Museum of Exploration and Innovation MOXI

Beautiful museum with tons for kids to explore.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Get a taste of Japanese culture without leaving Florida!

Children's Museum of Acadiana, Lafayette

A small children's museum with a pretend grocery store and pretend cafe.

Comic-Con Museum, Balboa Park

Costumes from movies, comic books from days of old, and items from favorite shows, all in a spacious museum with high ceilings and places to rest.

Glazer Children's Museum, Tampa

Super children's museum with rope climbey, music station, dance area, lincoln logs, magnetic triangles, sand that responds, supermarket, and more!

Streets at Southpoint Mall, Durham

Upscale mall with indoor section like colorful streets and outdoor section with sidewalk cafes.

The Tech Interactive Museum, San Jose

Everything a museum should be: interactive, colorful, with something for all ages.

Griffith Observatory

Art Deco observatory perched on a hill above LA with views of the iconic Hollywood sign, the downtown skyline, and the greater LA basin.

Children's Discovery Museum, Rancho Mirage

Super fun children's museum two hours inland from LA.

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