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Point Montara Lighthouse Beach

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Chastain Beach, Hutchinson Island

Idyllic beach for families and surfers near the southern tip of Hutchinson Island.

Limekiln State Park, Big Sur Coast

Beach that is like a dream! Crystal clear river leading to the ocean and huge white rocks.

Santa Claus Lane Beach

A long perfect beach popular with locals! The water stays shallow for ages making it nice for kids!

Mesa Lane Steps and Edgewater Way Walk

Steep stairs lead down, down, down to a lovely ribbon beach backed by high cliffs.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

Incredible beach with blue-green water, rocks jutting out of the sea, arches, and caves.

Jelly Bowl Beach, Carpinteria

A secluded beach with golden bluffs, little birds running along the shore, a surfer or two, and forest behind.

Avila Beach and town

Pretty main street and boardwalk, lovely ship playground, and mesmerizing yellow cliffs.

One Thousand Steps, The Mesa

200 steps down to a thin beach, best visited at low tide. Great views!

Blowing Rocks Preserve, Jupiter Island

Limestone rocks that spurt water when the waves are 4-6 feet, a path through twisty trees to the beach, a visitor center, and a loop hike by the intracoastal.

One Thousand Steps, The Mesa

200 steps down to a thin beach, best visited at low tide. Great views!

Avalon Beach

Beautiful beach with nice-shaped headland, rows of Norfolk pines, amber sand, rock pools with an abundance of life, and a street lined with cafes and shops across the highway.

Morro Strand State Beach

A gorgeous wild beach at the base of Morro Rock.

Labyrinth Trail, UCSB

Bluff-top trail full of flowers in the spring. Lovely rugged beach and lagoon below.

Fletcher Cove Beach Park, Solana Beach

Pretty spot, with cliffs and palm trees, and lawn over the sea.

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk, Cambria

Rugged, windswept beach with large driftwood, kelp balls, and wildflower-lined boardwalk.

Seaward Avenue and the Seven Jetties

A strip of beachy shops and cafes, leading to a sandy beach.

Warriewood Beach

Stunning beach with orange-pink sand, blue-green water, gorgeous flower-studded headland, and rock pools that kids love to explore.

Bathtub Reef Beach, Hutchinson Island

Ultra-shallow clear waters protected by a reef make this a perfect swimming spot for very young children.

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