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Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

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Tradition town

Town with splash pad on the lake, town square with cafes, playground, and lots of stores.

Heritage Square, Downtown Oxnard

A beautiful square with Victorian homes facing into it.

El Paseo and Casa De La Guerra

A beautiful and colorful Spanish paseo and courtyard.

Dana Point Lantern District

Cute cafes a few blocks back from the cliffs overlooking the harbor.

Heerlen City Center

Cute town center with historic storefronts, large square, stone church, and outdoor cafes with flowerboxes.

Savannah town

Low-lying town with incredible architecture and luscious squares.

Downtown Monterey

Downtown Monterey has a hip feel to it.

Lafayette Village, Raleigh

Stark French-style outdoor shopping center with large lawn for kids to play.

Santana Row, San Jose

A sophisticated European-style development with shops, cafes, fountains, gorgeous architecture, and the most amazing flower baskets!

Public Market and Arlington Theater

SB Public Market is a hip indoor space with cafes, and outdoor seating by a Spanish courtyard with views of quaint Victoria Court.

Funk Zone

Hip area with wine bars, cafes, and bakeries, where you can sit on a patio surrounded by ivy-covered walls.

Dauphin Street, Mobile (two hours away)

Main street in Mobile, with historic buildings with wrought-iron balconies.

Jensen Beach town

Main block with tropical-themed cafes and views of the water, plus a coffee shop and gift shops in little houses.

Paseo Nuevo Mall

A pedestrian-only area on State Street with sidewalk cafes, good shopping, and colorful Spanish architecture.

Mount Dora town

Cute, hilly town on Lake Dora, with lots of cafes and shops.

Rue Saint-Jean and side streets

Adorable architecture, lots of cafes, and a good bookstore.

French Quarter, Charleston

Nicest part of the city, with gorgeous buildings and churches, and waterfront park.

La Arcada

A Spanish paseo and courtyard with archways, little lights, flags, murals, lifelike statues, and fountains. At night, a magical spot!

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