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Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham

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Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham

Large world-class garden with lakeside allees, flower terraces, and small Japanese garden.

Balboa Park

Stroll past beautiful architecture, ponds, fountains, flowers, and trees. Visit many different museums! And best of all, walk through sumptuous gardens.

Florida Aquarium, Tampa

Wonderful aquarium with animals you've never seen before, and an outdoor splash park for kids.

SeaWorld, Orlando

Beautiful park with great rollercoaster rides and amazing aquariums.

Waller Park, Santa Maria

Huge park that feels like a retreat in the woods- playgrounds and pond with ducks!

Winter Garden Lake Apopka Shore

Wonderful park on Lake Apopka, with wildlife galore, including baby alligators.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham

Large world-class garden with lakeside allees, flower terraces, and small Japanese garden.

Laguna Grande Park

Circular walk around a lake. Geese, ducks, plenty of trees, and two great playgrounds!

Old Town Calabasas

Small park with creek, adobe house, flower baskets, a few shops.

Yacht Basin Drive restaurants, Southport

Gorgeous spot on the salt marsh by the yachts- dine with fantastic views!

Lake Eola Park, Downtown Orlando

Idyllic park, like a movie scene, with swans, gorgeous trees, and happy people.

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour

Pleasant garden with waterfall, huge lizards, boulders, pavilions with lovely circle windows and distinctive roofs, and pond, but some city noise.

Flamingo Gardens, Davie

Tropical botanical garden with huge magnificent trees and animal sanctuary.

Montelena Chateau, Calistoga

Pretty winery in a castle beside a lake where a swan and ducks swim.

Koka Booth Amphitheater, Cary

Concerts under the stars with tall pines reaching to the sky.

Boiling Pots Lookout, Hilo

Lookout at a distant waterfall and turbulent river, from a nice neighborhood.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach

Wildlife galore beside a boardwalk with gazebos.

Golfpark Drive Walk, Celebration

Pleasant walk along the golf course, past pretty houses with gardens, mansions, canals, ducks, bridges, and places to eat.

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