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Papa'aloa Country Store and Cafe, Hamakua Coast

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Papa'aloa Country Store and Cafe, Hamakua Coast

Breezy windows with ocean view, and live music!

Jacksonville University

Walk through a paradise of old oak trees strung with moss. The new Marine Science building is gorgeous, but the older buildings are unattractive and musty.

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Beach on a spring full of beauty and atmosphere!

Bluff View Art District, Chattanooga

Sculptures on a steep cliff over the Tennessee River, and a cute neighborhood for walks and bakery visits.

Citrus Avenue, Crystal River

Main street of Crystal River with some nice restaurants.

Stuart Boardwalk or Healthy Trail

Beautiful boardwalk along the intracoastal in downtown Stuart.

Peanut Island, Palm Beach

Island in the intracoastal, with old Coast Guard house and Kennedy bunker, plus a party crowd.

Paseo Nuevo Mall

A pedestrian-only area on State Street with sidewalk cafes, good shopping, and colorful Spanish architecture.

Carousel, Tilden Park, Berkeley

Carousel in the most beautiful forest setting.

Rancho Grande Playground, Arroyo Grande

Nice playground with sandy floor, up in the hills of Arroyo Grande. Lovely in the late afternoon.

Westwood Village

Beautiful area full of UCLA students with cafes and shops.

Downtown San Luis Obispo

A main street of beautiful late 19th century ornate buildings, creekside cafes, and a hip college scene.

Southern Village Restaurants, Chapel Hill

Cute area with outdoor cafes, flower boxes, church steeple with chimes, and village green where family events such as movie night or games night are held.

Monarch Lane Butterfly Preserve, Los Osos

A very short dirt trail through magical eucalyptus forest, and then a path of deep sand on the dunes.

Rue Saint-Jean (west)

Cute street with cafes and markets, with more locals than tourists. Buzzing nightlife.

Miami Design District

Beautiful architecture, sculptures, modern art museum, designer stores, play equipment, and public market with swings.

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