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Papa'aloa Country Store and Cafe, Hamakua Coast

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Cold Spring Tavern

Cozy restaurant and separate bar with live music tucked away in the woods.

Sunrise Beach Park, Indiatlantic

Blue-green water! A beautiful beach!

Papa'aloa Country Store and Cafe, Hamakua Coast

Breezy windows with ocean view, and live music!

East Franklin Street Walk, Chapel Hill

Walk past the beautiful sorority and fraternity houses in the shade of trees.

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point

Pretty beach with 1km walking path on the cliffs and gigantic sloped lawn.

Disney Springs waterfront restaurants

Waterfront area with restaurants, live street performers, entertainment, toy stores, and carousel.

Hard Rock Cafe, Waikiki

Awesome huge venue with wonderful breeze blowing through balcony, wood floors, guitars on high ceiling, and pink wave wall.

Sail Bay boardwalk and cafes, Pacific Beach

Beach area where partying college students live and SeaWorld visitors stay, with bland 1950s architecture, bad traffic, and dirty beach, but some wonderful finds such as Moray's at Sail Bay.

Hobe Sound town

Small beach town with coffee shops, cafes with live music, magical banyan tree walk, hilly walks, beach with sea oats and vibrant turquoise water, and white-sand intracoastal beach.

Fort Pierce town

Sleepy, modest town. Good place to start a drive down Indian River Rd, or to enjoy a coffee at Old Florida Coffee Co, the most attractive spot in town.

Beale Street, Memphis!

Happening, neon-lit spot for live music.

Frenchmen Street

A cozy street where the locals go to hear live music.

Frenchmen Street

A cozy street where the locals go to hear live music.

Queens' Marketplace and Kings' Shops, Kohala Coast

Nice outdoor mall with cafes, live music, and shops.

West Palm Beach downtown

Main strip of West Palm Beach, with colorful and inviting architecture and decorations.

The Square, West Palm Beach

Outdoor shopping and entertainment district with European architecture, archways, palms, tropical flowers, and amazing fountain for kids.

State Street Farmers Market

Colorful, delicious farmers market along lovely State Street.

Balboa Park

Stroll past beautiful architecture, ponds, fountains, flowers, and trees. Visit many different museums! And best of all, walk through sumptuous gardens.

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