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Goleta Beach Park

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Children's Pool (seals), La Jolla

Amazing place to see seals, and from Dec-May, their pups.

Centennial Park, Coronado

Sublime park with views across the smooth blue water to the San Diego skyline.

Coral Cove Beach, Jupiter Island

People gather at the walkway above the beach to watch the sunset.

Hawaiian Princess Beach, Makaha

Beautiful, uncrowded beach with steep dropoff and large waves.

Pismo Beach Pier, Playground, and Promenade

Gorgeous spot with wide pier, surfers carving the waves, whale playground, wide open attractive plaza, Pismo Beach selfie sign, and wooden promenade with views of the hills and sea.

Surfer's Point (C Street Surfbreak)

An amazing place to watch surfers ride the waves close up and in the shade, at that!

Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz

Gorgeous point jutting out into the sea, with long walk along the cliffs. Popular surf spot.

Bird Rock Beach, Laguna Beach

Rock pools, tropical vegetation, gorgeous cliffs and bird rock jutting out of the sea.

Point Loma neighborhood walk

Adorable houses with gardens full of flowers, and streets leading down to lookout points over the ocean.

Campus Point, UCSB

The surfing beach at UCSB- a pretty spot.

Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

Wealthy neighborhood with cliffs covered in wildflowers above the turquoise sea.

Coal Oil Point and Sands Beach

A walk along a clifftop to a popular surfing area with gorgeous sand dunes and exotic plants.

Sandy Beach

A gorgeous and "happening" beach to stroll along.

Santa Lucea Beach, Hutchinson Island

A pretty beach with small dunes, a jungle path, and good surf.

UCSB Campus, Lagoon, and Beach

A walk past grassy knolls, a shimmering lagoon, and picturesque bluffs above the ocean, all in the vibrant atmosphere of campus!

St. Marks Lighthouse, near Tallahassee

Lighthouse in a gorgeous area with wide open spaces.

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