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Rocky Nook Park

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Oak Park, Santa Barbara

A wonderfully shady park used for festivals, with a nice playground with net climby and a summer wading pool for little kids.

Tucker's Grove and nearby Greek Church

A popular playground for little kids, with shady picnic areas. Nearby at a Greek Church, pretend you're on an island in Greece...

University Circle Playground, Goleta

Playground in a small recessed area by a creek.

Lompoc Flowers, Town, and Beach

Summertime flower fields, mountains, rocket launches, a beach (often closed), and a wonderful mission.

Oleta River State Park, North Miami

Sheltered cove with blue-green water, bright green playground, and river for paddling.

Camp Comfort Park, Ojai

A playground right behind a wonderful mountain range, set amongst huge beautiful trees.

University Circle Playground, Goleta

Playground in a small recessed area by a creek.

Virginia Key Beach Park

Great boundless playground, but not a good beach.

Amicalola Falls State Park, near Dahlonega

A beautiful and steep hike past sweeping views to the top of a waterfall!

Crestview Park and Camarillo Mansions

An older park with pretty trees, and streets filled with large French-style manors.

Stow Grove Park

A redwood forest that looks like Northern California, with a playground and spacious knolly lawn.

El Carro Park, Carpinteria

Gorgeous mountain panorama, playground with four large slides, swings, grassy knolls, and plenty of shade.

Santa Rosa Park, San Luis Obispo

A pretty park with imaginative playground, lawn, amazing skatepark with a wave, basketball/roller derby court, and shady picnic areas.

Ojai Town

Downtown historic Ojai has a row of endless arches, independent bookstores, an icecream parlor, a Farmer's market and concerts in the park.

Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale

Large but not that well-maintained playground, sports fields and courts, and pretty playhouse.

Throop Park, San Luis Obispo

Cute playground with two bridges to go under, near a school so there are kids there in the afternoon.

Chapel Hill Community Center Park

Large shady playground with fun three-person spinner swing. Bolin Creek bike path starts here.

Rancho Madera Community Park, Simi Valley

A large park with lush lawn, deciduous trees, a toddler play structure and a big kids play structure with tall twisty tunnel slides.

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