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Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach

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Anhinga Trail, Everglades

Tons of wildlife in this liquidy place!

Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach

One-mile loop boardwalk past gorgeous birds, turtles, and sometimes alligators.

Blue Spring State Park, near DeLand

A spring where you can swim, snorkel and tube in clear, cool water under the shade of tropical trees that stretch high above you.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach, Waikiki

A beautiful, spacious, open part of Waikiki Beach, and tons for kids to do!

Jupiter Lighthouse Coast Guard Trail

Lovely trail that takes you past little beaches on the intracoastal and close to the lighthouse.

Fillmore Fish Hatchery

Something about this place makes kids so happy!

Fish Springs Hatchery, Big Pine

Fish hatchery in the desert where you can see trout of all different sizes.

Manatee Lagoon, Riviera Beach

Two-level modern winter manatee viewing center with walkway by the water.

Shingle Creek Trail, Hunters Creek

Half-mile trail through gorgeous cypress swamp.

SeaWorld, Orlando

Beautiful park with great rollercoaster rides and amazing aquariums.

Kahalu'u Beach, Kona

A sheltered but rundown city beach with warm clear water and magical snorkeling!

Kelly Park Rock Springs, Apopka

Incredible natural lazy river and swimming pool- crystal clear!

Manatee Lagoon, Riviera Beach

Two-level modern winter manatee viewing center with walkway by the water.


Incredible wetlands with huge gators, birds, and flowers. Emus, deer, playful bobcats, panthers, and three shows. Plus petting zoo with goats, and feeding budgerigars with seedsticks.

Music Academy of the West, Montecito

Montecito estate with magical gardens, summer-only music school, and year-round concerts.

Phil Foster Park and Snorkel Trail

World-famous area full of sealife- see the huge yellow and orange starfish, and manatees, from the jetty! Shaded playground too.

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Ctr, Stuart

Beautiful nature center on Hutchinson Island, with nature trail on boardwalks, lagoon filled with sharks and game fish, stingrays you can feed by hand, and huge ocean deck with views around the island!

Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga

Huge two-building aquarium with gorgeous tanks!

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