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Greensboro town

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Greensboro town

University town with many nice spots to explore.

Greensboro town

University town with many nice spots to explore.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon

Hearst Castle is like a dream! High, high above the sea!

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Historic buildings, sunny quad where students hang out, flowers and old trees, and fun student center area.

Stuart town

Historic main strip that looks dowdy from a distance but is actually very nice up close! Incredible waterfront stage and boardwalk!

Florida State University, Tallahassee

Large Southern-feeling university with a great in-state tuition program for out-of-state students, and a circus!

Flagler Museum and Mansion, Palm Beach

Mansion at one of the most beautiful waterfront settings in Florida!

Santa Barbara Courthouse

An exceptionally beautiful courthouse, sunken garden, and tower with 360 degree views of Santa Barbara.

Jacksonville University

Walk through a paradise of old oak trees strung with moss. The new Marine Science building is gorgeous, but the older buildings are unattractive and musty.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Incredible, large garden near the Sorbonne with flowerbeds, palace, circular pool with toy boats, statues, and tree canopies.

Society of the Four Arts Gardens, Palm Beach

A tropical wonderland of palms, ferns, bromeliads, fountains, sculptures, rocks, ironwork gates, and pergolas, with the delightful scent of flowers filling the air.

University of Tampa

Private university with architectural gem, the former Tampa Bay Hotel, in the middle of lovely riverfront campus.

Mary Bethune House, Daytona Beach

Small, historic house filled with mementos of Mary McLeod Bethune, an inspiring woman.

Flagler College, St. Augustine

A private four-year college in a sumptuous building, formerly the Ponce de Leon Hotel.

Epcot, Walt Disney World

Super fun for the whole family, as long as kids are 4 and up.

Balboa Park

Stroll past beautiful architecture, ponds, fountains, flowers, and trees. Visit many different museums! And best of all, walk through sumptuous gardens.

Spreckels Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park

A beautiful sight! Italian-Renaissance style organ pavilion where free concerts are held and people take wedding or quinceanera photos.

MGM Grand Resort

A hotel lobby like a suave nightclub.

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