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Port Hueneme Pier and Beach

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Carolina Beach and town

Fun town with nice beach, ice cream shops, and boardwalk with amusement park.

Wrightsville Beach and pier

Nice swimming at a popular beach with a pier.

Pass-a-Grille Beach, St. Petersburg

Cozy stretch of white sand with shells and pale green water.

Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine

Pretty beach with views of lighthouse- you can park your 4X4 car on the beach.

Port Hueneme Pier and Beach

A wide expanse of desolate beach, with a wildly wonderful pier! This is not your average pier!

Mission Beach and Lagoon

Mission Beach is a happening place! Soft sandy beach, boardwalk, restaurants, amusement park, wave pool, lagoon, and playgrounds.

Juno Beach Park

Beach with cute pier and aquamarine water.

Bowman's Beach, Sanibel Island

Wild windswept beach with flat stretch of desert vegetation, whitish-grey sand, lovely sea birds, and rugged white shells along the shore.

Tiger Shores Beach, Hutchinson Island

Beach popular with fishermen, just north of Stuart Beach.

Santa Claus Lane Beach

A long perfect beach popular with locals! The water stays shallow for ages making it nice for kids!

Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa Island

Beach with long pier, creamy blue-green water, and white sand that crinkles under your feet!

South Beach Pavilion and shaded walk, Boca Raton

Stand in the shade of the raised pavilion and watch the beach, then enjoy a one-mile shady walk.

Red Reef Beach Park, Boca Raton

Beautiful narrow beach with lifeguard shack. Beach park has many coconut and banyan trees.

Jupiter Beach and Inlet

Beach where fishermen hang out on the jetty and surfers come to ride the waves at Jupiter Inlet.

Pismo Caves

Amazing caves that are almost unreal.

21st Street Beach, Miami Beach

Gorgeous ocean colors, fun crowd of families, shallow water with little bouncy waves.

Inlet Beach, Ocean Ridge

Beach with pier by the inlet, pelicans, rocks to climb at the shore, but unfortunately, a wastewater pipe overhead.

South Pointe Pier and Park, South Beach

Modern pier, grass hill with winding paths, space-age playground and splash pad, and shady promenade along the water.

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