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UH Manoa Japanese gardens and campus

Stroll around the University of Hawaii campus and find some treasures!

Burton Chace Park, Marina Del Rey

Pretty park on the marina with green hills and lots of picnic areas.

Flagler Drive walk, West Palm Beach

Five mile walk or run along the intracoastal, with fabulous views!

Bacara Resort Beach

A rugged beach covered in driftwood and framed by dramatic white cliffs.

Seabreeze Ave and side streets, Palm Beach

Lovely walk past mansions, flowers, statues, and lanterns.

Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, UCLA

A magical spot where birds sing in the trees, students lay out on the little grassy knolls, and statues enlighten.

UH Manoa Japanese gardens and campus

Stroll around the University of Hawaii campus and find some treasures!

Wells Road and side streets walk, Palm Beach

Walk past mansions in the shade of pine and palm trees on Palm Beach Island.

Town of Palm Beach Marina

It's lovely to stroll the paths under banyan trees and beside the water.

Ocean Inlet Park, Ocean Ridge

Serene, beautiful place with views of the water through the trees, and a nice playground.

Presidio Park, near Old Town

Lovely park atop a high hill, with Spanish presidio (fort) and monuments to early European settlers in California, plus flowers and gorgeous trees.

Summa Beach Intracoastal Park, West Palm Beach

Fine white sand, afternoon shade, lapping waves, snowy egret, and lots of things for kids to play with.

Roxbury Park playground, Beverly Hills

Large playground for big and little kids, with shade canopy, redwood trees, and walkway around the park.

The Ramble and Harbor Island, Jupiter Island

Stroll along a pedestrian-only street beside the blissful intracoastal waterway beside mansions with lush gardens under swishing coconut trees.

Banyan Tree Walk, Palm Beach Island

Gorgeous walk under banyan trees past side streets with lush gardens and mansions.

Foster Botanical Garden

A lush paradise in the middle of downtown Honolulu!

One Thousand Steps, The Mesa

200 steps down to a thin beach, best visited at low tide. Great views!

Wayfarer's Chapel, Palos Verdes

Don't miss this! A little glass chapel tucked amongst pines, high above the sea.

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