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Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz

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Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz

Gorgeous point jutting out into the sea, with long walk along the cliffs. Popular surf spot.

La Jolla Cove and Scripps Park Walk

Heavenly area with seals, perfect cove, flowers hugging the cliff, and 1.5km walk above the sea.

Labyrinth Trail, UCSB

Bluff-top trail full of flowers in the spring. Lovely rugged beach and lagoon below.

Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

Wealthy neighborhood with cliffs covered in wildflowers above the turquoise sea.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Hike, Cambria

Gorgeous views of coves, and ice plant on the cliffs.

Margo Dodd Park

A great place to picnic or marry, with sea caves and jutting sea rocks below cliffs of hanging flowers.

Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

Wealthy neighborhood with cliffs covered in wildflowers above the turquoise sea.

Dinosaur Caves Playground and walks

Imaginative playground, huge green lawn, high hills in the distance, and sweeping ocean views on a walk along the cliffs!

Mavericks Big Wave Surf Spot!

Where a trench in the ocean floor creates massive swells, and big wave surfers risk their lives to ride the waves!

Jelly Bowl Beach, Carpinteria

A secluded beach with golden bluffs, little birds running along the shore, a surfer or two, and forest behind.

Casablanca Cove and Ocean Beach Tide Pools

Youthful area with lovely cove and tide pools.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

Incredible beach with blue-green water, rocks jutting out of the sea, arches, and caves.

Calumet Ave beach houses walk

Walk past four lookouts over rocky coves, and in front of beach houses, admiring their gardens and architecture.

Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, La Jolla

Lawn over cove with glorious views of clear, blue-green water. Nearby, gently-curved rocky outcroppings.

Spyglass Park, Pismo Beach

Gorgeous blufftop views, a large lawn, and a playground.

Shoreline Park

Peek over the high cliffs at little coves below, look out over Santa Barbara harbor, and sit on a whale's tail!

Point Loma neighborhood walk

Adorable houses with gardens full of flowers, and streets leading down to lookout points over the ocean.

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