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Cannery Row

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Westwood Village

Beautiful area full of UCLA students with cafes and shops.

Hollister Village Plaza, Goleta

Cute cafes, and a nice stroll around Hollister Village.

Bass Pro Pyramid, Memphis

Full of atmosphere, like Disneyland! Take the glass elevator to the top of the pyramid!

Charleston town

Waterfront town with beautiful harbor and French Quarter (Broad Street).

Del Mar Highlands Town Center

Shopping plaza with a deck offering lots of attractive public space, a trampoline for young kids, a sky deck bar, a dark public market with lights, cafes, stores and coffee shops.

One Paseo Plaza, Carmel Valley area

Upscale, colorful plaza in farmhouse style, with modern cafes. Kids climb on a huge log. The fire pit is fantastic at night, surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

Cannery Row

A touristy, yet pretty, waterfront area with shops and restaurants.

Town Center Mall, Boca Raton

Indoor mall with sun canopies, decorative towers, fountains, and atriums.

Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach town

Funky and cool main strip popular with tourists, with blocks of shops and sidewalk cafes and waterfront Veterans Park.

Icon Park restaurants and attractions

Touristy, buzzing area with restaurants and attractions.

Town Center Mall, Boca Raton

Indoor mall with sun canopies, decorative towers, fountains, and atriums.

Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki

Main street in Waikiki where you can shop for tropical treats.

Duke East Campus and Trail, Durham

Great place for a walk, with Georgian architecture, busy students, main quad, and trail around the perimeter under gorgeous trees.

Asheville town

Interesting hippy town, with great restaurants.

International Marketplace, Waikiki

An outdoor mall under a huge banyan tree hung with lanterns. Beautiful flowers by a stream, rock-like seats kids love, and rain fountain.

Coronado Ferry Landing shops and pier

Touristy shops in an awesome location by the ferry terminal, Bayshore Bikeway, and Centennial Park. Lovely waterfront restaurants too.

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