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Coal Oil Point and Sands Beach

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Liberty Station Esplanade walk, Point Loma

After your meal, you can walk along the water at Liberty Station Esplanade, a wild area with birds and plants. See the planes fly directly overhead!

North Beach Road Walk, Jupiter Island

Walk past mansions, seagrape trees, palms, and flowers on Jupiter Island.

Sullivan's Island Beach, near Charleston

A beach, but not the prettiest beach I ever saw!

Bacara Resort Beach

A rugged beach covered in driftwood and framed by dramatic white cliffs.

Bowman's Beach, Sanibel Island

Wild windswept beach with flat stretch of desert vegetation, whitish-grey sand, lovely sea birds, and rugged white shells along the shore.

Dog Beach, Ocean Beach

Popular beach with dog owners, on the channel, with lots of open space and dunes, plus jetties and a view of the pier.

Coal Oil Point and Sands Beach

A walk along a clifftop to a popular surfing area with gorgeous sand dunes and exotic plants.

Peacock Beach, Cape Canaveral

Beach with pretty dunes, slightly grody shoreline, and great walk to jetty.

Penasquitos Creek Park trail, Rancho Penasquitos

Pretty hike through wide open spaces, past rolling hills, and along a creek.

Loggerhead Beach, Hike & Playground, Juno Bch

Wide-open beach with pale grey sand, shells on the shore, and aquamarine water, across from a playground, turtle center, and hike.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

Incredible beach with blue-green water, rocks jutting out of the sea, arches, and caves.

Lake Los Carneros

Joggers enjoy the wide trails and expansive views at Lake Los Carneros.

Cabrillo National Monument

Feel like you're on top of the world while standing at Cabrillo National Monument!

Humiston Beach, Playground, and Cafes, Vero Beach

Fantastic area by the ocean, with lifeguarded beach, awesome playground, farmers market, and cool cafes!

Hendry's Beach

A popular beach with families and dog owners. Come for a long walk under beautiful cliffs.

Seabreeze Ave and side streets, Palm Beach

Lovely walk past mansions, flowers, statues, and lanterns.

Hendry's Beach

A popular beach with families and dog owners. Come for a long walk under beautiful cliffs.

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