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The Square, West Palm Beach

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Hale Koa Hotel grounds, Waikiki

Tropical wonderland! Stroll through and enjoy the gorgeous trees and flowers.

West Palm Beach downtown

Main strip of West Palm Beach, with colorful and inviting architecture and decorations.

La Arcada

A Spanish paseo and courtyard with archways, little lights, flags, murals, lifelike statues, and fountains. At night, a magical spot!

Espanola Way, South Beach

Gorgeous architecture on a pedestrian alley, but a tourist trap.

Sail Bay boardwalk and cafes, Pacific Beach

Beach area where partying college students live and SeaWorld visitors stay, with bland 1950s architecture, bad traffic, and dirty beach, but some wonderful finds such as Moray's at Sail Bay.

Del Mar Plaza (gorgeous views)

Plaza with cafes and small children's museum, and amazing public patio overlooking the ocean.

Santana Row, San Jose

A sophisticated European-style development with shops, cafes, fountains, gorgeous architecture, and the most amazing flower baskets!

Donald Ross Village, Palm Beach Gardens

Small shopping plaza with attractive landscaping and design, and beautiful bar area with yellow chairs and tables, fountains, and flowers.

Baldwin Park and New Broad Street

2.5 mile walk around the lake, plus cute sidewalk cafes under palm trees with ferns.

Old Mesilla Village, Las Cruces

Adorable square with basilica, bandstand, cute shops, cafes with adobe walls and flowers.

Bal Harbour Outdoor Mall, north of Miami Beach

Ultra rich outdoor mall with gorgeous plants, fountains, sculptures, and flowers.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida Beach, Key Biscayne

Picturesque beach with white lighthouse, happy people, and turquoise water.

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

A sumptuous street with Spanish archways and courtyards and unique shops for the extremely rich.

Phipps Park walking path, West Palm Beach

Sports fields and walking trail beside a banyan tree grove, in a city area.

Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach

Gorgeous pedestrian-only street with exquisite tropical landscaping and sidewalk cafes galore.

Funk Zone

Hip area with wine bars, cafes, and bakeries, where you can sit on a patio surrounded by ivy-covered walls.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Miami

Enjoy lush tropical area that make you feel like you're in Hawaii!

The Square, West Palm Beach

Outdoor shopping and entertainment district with European architecture, archways, palms, tropical flowers, and amazing fountain for kids.

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