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Dog Beach, Ocean Beach

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Chastain Beach, Hutchinson Island

Idyllic beach for families and surfers near the southern tip of Hutchinson Island.

Tourmaline Surf Beach Park

Nice beach for watching the surfers.

Morro Strand State Beach

A gorgeous wild beach at the base of Morro Rock.

Casablanca Cove and Ocean Beach Tide Pools

Youthful area with lovely cove and tide pools.

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point

Pretty beach with 1km walking path on the cliffs and gigantic sloped lawn.

Whale Beach

Gorgeous surfing beach on the ocean side of the Barrenjoey peninsula.

Dog Beach, Ocean Beach

Popular beach with dog owners, on the channel, with lots of open space and dunes, plus jetties and a view of the pier.

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point

Pretty beach with 1km walking path on the cliffs and gigantic sloped lawn.

Avalon Beach

Beautiful beach with nice-shaped headland, rows of Norfolk pines, amber sand, rock pools with an abundance of life, and a street lined with cafes and shops across the highway.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

Incredible beach with blue-green water, rocks jutting out of the sea, arches, and caves.

Midtown Beach, Palm Beach

Blissful beach at the end of Worth Avenue, a blissful street! Long pedestrian walkway bordered by wave wall.

Sandy Beach

A gorgeous and "happening" beach to stroll along.

Hammonds Beach

A walk under a canopy of tropical flowers to a beach fronted by luxury homes.

67th Ave Beach, Myrtle Beach

Beach with mucky sand and water, popular in summer.

Campus Point, UCSB

The surfing beach at UCSB- a pretty spot.

Rincon Surf Break

The famous Rincon, the best place to surf in Santa Barbara!

Pismo State Beach

A glorious beach with sand dunes and a boardwalk with lookout area.

McLarty Treasure Museum, Vero Beach

Gorgeous location with observation deck over the beach and views of intracoastal waterway, but its museum is too dusty/ moldy to stand.

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