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Coal Oil Point and Sands Beach

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San Buenaventura Beach

Large windy beach with fun dunes to play on, a bike path, and a grassy picnic area in a valley set back from the beach.

Ellwood Butterfly Preserve and Beach

Magical eucalyptus forest by the beach where monarch butterflies come seasonally.

Hammonds Beach

A walk under a canopy of tropical flowers to a beach fronted by luxury homes.

Bacara Resort Beach

A rugged beach covered in driftwood and framed by dramatic white cliffs.

Coal Oil Point and Sands Beach

A walk along a clifftop to a popular surfing area with gorgeous sand dunes and exotic plants.

Sea Cliff Coastal Trail, Del Mar

Hard-packed dirt trail on vertical cliffs above the sea!

Breach Inlet and Thompson Park, near Charleston

Very pretty spot with sweet houses on the water.

Pepper Park Beach, Fort Pierce

Pleasant wide-open beach with fine pale sand and pretty water.

Surfer's Point (C Street Surfbreak)

An amazing place to watch surfers ride the waves close up and in the shade, at that!

Walk to Lovers Point Park

A walk above the ocean, past seals basking in their own private cove, to a lovely beach for wading.

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk, Cambria

Rugged, windswept beach with large driftwood, kelp balls, and wildflower-lined boardwalk.

Hotel del Coronado and Coronado Beach

Historic resort with red turrets on foggy beach of fine white sand.

Ka'ena Point, North Shore

A mysterious place with huge mountains that loom above you!

Penasquitos Creek Park trail, Rancho Penasquitos

Pretty hike through wide open spaces, past rolling hills, and along a creek.

Cocoa Beach and Pier

Best surfing in Florida! Beach and pier with slightly rundown restaurants.

Oceano Dunes

Rugged sand-swept place with high dunes, popular with off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

Seagrove Pk and Powerhouse Beach, Del Mar

Lively beach with lawn, cypress trees, and lots of people having fun.

Jelly Bowl Beach, Carpinteria

A secluded beach with golden bluffs, little birds running along the shore, a surfer or two, and forest behind.

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