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Stow Grove Park

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Codornices Park, Berkeley

A playground with giant concrete slide, in a bowl surrounded by forest in the hills above Berkeley.

Chapel Hill Community Center Park

Large shady playground with fun three-person spinner swing. Bolin Creek bike path starts here.

Briar Chapel Playgrounds, Chapel Hill

Recent, shadeless housing development with a few playgrounds.

Sinsheimer Park giant playground, SLO

Best playground you'll ever visit! Huge slides, hillside slides, steep grass slope for cardboard sledding, cable zipline, and pretty trees to picnic under.

West Campus Trail, Goleta

Trail that leads onto Ellwood Bluffs from UCSB's West Campus family housing.

Brandon's Village Playground, Calabasas

A huge, colorful universally accessible playground with a wild west theme.

Seaforth Beach, Jordan Lake

Peaceful spot with nice sand (great for building), blue water (from a distance), the sound of water lapping the shore, green lawn, playground, and trees for shade.

Old Town Camarillo

Old Town Camarillo is a revitalized historical area, a small strip of road parallel to the freeway, with some nice restaurants and a beautiful old church.

Hilltop Community Park, Rancho Penasquitos

Large field with sweeping views, playgrounds, workout stations, picnic pavilions, and walking path around the field.

Forest Ridge Playground, Raleigh

Large playground with dinosaur bouncy, stepping stones, zipline and more!

Steven's Park

A small park tucked into a canyon in the back of a beautiful neighborhood.

Laguna Grande Park

Circular walk around a lake. Geese, ducks, plenty of trees, and two great playgrounds!

Westside Playground, Gainesville

Super fun playground with merry-go-round and tons of climbing structures, all under the shade of tall trees.

Pleasant Hill Park, Pleasant Hill

Large park with two colorful play areas and beautiful redwood trees.

Lokker Park, Camarillo

A park with flowering trees, cute playground, basketball courts, volleyball net, and mountain views.

Hidden Valley Park

Toddler playground in a sunken area filled with eucalyptus trees.

Baanrakkertje Playground, Heerlen

Magical outdoor playground with so many fun areas- there is a tiny entry fee.

Holmby Park, Westwood

Park with playground surrounded by tropical plants and trees, lawn bowling, and putting green in the center.

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