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Fisherman's Wharf

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Monterey Harbor

A small harbor with pretty views of Fisherman's Wharf.

Belle Isle Walk, Orlando

Lovely walk under huge oaks with tropical vines, past docks and lake views.

Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach

A gorgeous new development, with restaurants overlooking the harbor and colorful walkways.

Cape Fear Museum History and Science, Wilmington

Lots of things for kids to do! Historic toys too.

Tidelands Park, Morro Bay

Cement ship playground with logs to climb, seal, dolphin, whale's tail and giant octopus sculptures, picnic tables, and an amazing view of Morro Rock and the inlet.


Incredible wetlands with huge gators, birds, and flowers. Emus, deer, playful bobcats, panthers, and three shows. Plus petting zoo with goats, and feeding budgerigars with seedsticks.

UCSB Campus, Lagoon, and Beach

A walk past grassy knolls, a shimmering lagoon, and picturesque bluffs above the ocean, all in the vibrant atmosphere of campus!

House of Refuge, Hutchinson Island

Incredible views on both sides, ocean and intracoastal!

Shepherd's Vineyard Greenway, Apex

Shady greenway in forest between houses in suburban Apex.

Epcot, Walt Disney World

Super fun for the whole family, as long as kids are 4 and up.

Blanchard Park, Dam, and Bike Path

Popular park for biking and fishing, with a river and small dam.

Celebration town walking paths

A wonderful running/walking path leads through jungly vegetation around three lakes.

Brevard Zoo, Melbourne

Wonderful zoo among jungle with plenty of room for animals to roam, and an amazing interactive area for kids.

Rollins College, Winter Park

Gorgeous campus with bright European architecture on a lake- go for a walk here or attend a music concert by renowned visitors or exceptional students!

Tequesta town

Artsy town with coffee shops and lots of nature.

Tequesta Bridge Walk

A pleasant neighborhood walk to a bridge over the intracoastal.

Audobon Center for Birds of Prey

Cute tiny owls and impressive eagles in a lakefront setting.

Solvang town

A Danish-American town that has become a bit of a tourist trap, but is charming nonetheless.

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