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Cocoa Beach and Pier

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South Beach Pavilion and shaded walk, Boca Raton

Stand in the shade of the raised pavilion and watch the beach, then enjoy a one-mile shady walk.

James Nance Beach Park, Indiatlantic

Boardwalk raised up over a great beach.

Carolina Beach and town

Fun town with nice beach, ice cream shops, and boardwalk with amusement park.

Juan Ponce de Leon Landing Beach, Melbourne Beach

Cute beach with plaques and statue about Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer.

Emerald Isle Beach

Cute beach houses, pretty water, and nice swims!

James Nance Beach Park, Indiatlantic

Boardwalk raised up over a great beach.

Cherie Down Beach, Cape Canaveral

Hard sand good for sand castles. Good location to see rocket launch.

Playalinda Beach, Canaveral National Seashore

Beautiful beach that looks like South Florida beaches, surrounded by pristine nature.

Santa Lucea Beach, Hutchinson Island

A pretty beach with small dunes, a jungle path, and good surf.

Peacock Beach, Cape Canaveral

Beach with pretty dunes, slightly grody shoreline, and great walk to jetty.

McLarty Treasure Museum, Vero Beach

Gorgeous location with observation deck over the beach and views of intracoastal waterway, but its museum is too dusty/ moldy to stand.

Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa Island

Beach with long pier, creamy blue-green water, and white sand that crinkles under your feet!

Paradise Beach Park, Melbourne

Beach with imported white sand, and large playground.

Faria Beach, Ventura

Strip of sand alongside Highway 101- popular with RVs.

Pepper Park Beach, Fort Pierce

Pleasant wide-open beach with fine pale sand and pretty water.

Cocoa Beach and Pier

Best surfing in Florida! Beach and pier with slightly rundown restaurants.

Lake Worth Pier and Beach

Fun beach with everything a holiday beach should have: pier, promenade, restaurants on the dune, restaurant on the pier, ice cream shop, playground with a view.

James Nance Beach Park, Indiatlantic

Boardwalk raised up over a great beach.

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