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New Haven Neighborhood Playground, Jupiter

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New Haven Neighborhood Playground, Jupiter

Peaceful neighborhood park with swings, baby swings, and fairly large climbing structure.

Maitland Community Park

Running trails under incredible tall trees, large playground, and tennis, racquetball, volleyball and basketball courts.

Friendship Park, Oviedo

Three-story playground with huge tunnel slides.

Throop Playground and neighborhood walk, SLO

Cute playground with two bridges to go under, near a school so there are kids there in the afternoon. Plus, a pretty neighborhood to walk.

El Carro Park, Carpinteria

Gorgeous mountain panorama, playground with four large slides, swings, grassy knolls, and plenty of shade.

Oceano Playground

A fantastic tropical-themed playground, with ship,  plus a big grassy lawn!

Ocean Cay Park, Juno Beach

Wide-open park across the street from the beach with playground with pretend train, picnic pavilions, and sand volleyball courts.

West Beach Park, Clermont

Small strip of land between bike path and lake, with fenced playground and pier.

Pine Gardens Playground, Jupiter

A fun three-storey playground with steep slide, toddler playground with rock-climbing, five person spinner, diamond space net, swings, and spinner to hang from.

Montmorency Falls

Tall waterfall at the mouth of the Montmorency River. You can walk stairs up to a suspension bridge over the falls.

Grand Park, Aliso Viejo

Playground and large sloping park with beautiful trees and views from high up.

Southern Community Playground, Southern Village

Awesome playground with lots of structures and little hill to play on.

West Campus Trail, Goleta

Trail that leads onto Ellwood Bluffs from UCSB's West Campus family housing.

Constitution Park, Tequesta

Tropical park with sky-high playground for older kids, toddler playground, fitness trail and stations, pale-lime gazebo, and spiffy basketball courts.

Anthem town, near Phoenix

An attractive housing development with a super-fun huge community playground, a splash pad for summer days, and a waterslide park!

Shelley Lake Park, Raleigh

Two-mile paved walking loop around lake, in forest and open fields, past geese and bald eagles.

Anholm Park, San Luis Obispo

Sweet little neighborhood park under a redwood tree.

Willowglen Park

A neighborhood park with close-up views of the mountains. large lawn, playground, autumn trees, and bridge over creek to school.

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