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Sugar Sand Park, Boca Raton

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Tucker's Grove and nearby Greek Church

A popular playground for little kids, with shady picnic areas. Nearby at a Greek Church, pretend you're on an island in Greece...

Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head Island

Lovely grounds to walk around, plus a small indoor museum- something for everyone!

Chase Palm Park

A remarkably pretty planned park with a stream that runs through it, lots of plants, an imaginative Spanish playground, and whale statues that spout water!

SeaWorld, Orlando

Beautiful park with great rollercoaster rides and amazing aquariums.

Disney Springs waterfront restaurants

Waterfront area with restaurants, live street performers, entertainment, toy stores, and carousel.

Disney's Port Orleans Resort Carriage Path

Two resorts that look like New Orleans, plus the lovely walking path along the river that runs between them.

Underwood Family Farms, Moorpark

Farm with tons to do: hay rides, strawberry and veggie picking, goats on tightropes, animal shows, tunnels under hills, slides down tractor shoots, long wooden trains to climb...

Jardin du Luxembourg Playground!

Super fun playground with adorable trees. Every imaginable play structure.

Riverside Park, New Smyrna Beach

Lovely spot on the river, with shade under the overpass, a gorgeous playground, and an interesting Greek pavilion with history plaques and stained glass.

Little Farm, Tilden Park, Berkeley

Clean, spacious petting zoo among gorgeous scenery. Plus a small rock-climbing playground.

Westside Playground, Gainesville

Super fun playground with merry-go-round and tons of climbing structures, all under the shade of tall trees.

Gaviota Beach

A cove surrounded by natural shale walls below a railroad trestle.

Sugar Sand Park, Boca Raton

Amazing wooden playground with splash pad and gizmos galore, plus carousel and free science museum, all in a tropical setting.

Barney Schwartz Lake and Upper Playground

Pretty area with manmade lake and nice wooden playground.

Travel Town, Griffith Park

Train museum with real railway station, tracks, and trains. Plus, miniature train rides around the perimeter of the lot.

Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach

A huge beautiful park with lake, turtle and frog sculptures, lighthouse, boat to climb in, splash pad, workout equipment- you name it they have it! Four play areas!

Steven's Park

A small park tucked into a canyon in the back of a beautiful neighborhood.

Santa Barbara Zoo

Unusual animals, delightful landscaping, stunning views, train ride through forest, and kids' play hill!

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