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Santa Monica Beach and Pier

A super-fun and beautiful place to go!

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

Boardwalk along a fairly grotty beach, where people rollerblade and stroll together.

Santa Monica Beach and Pier

A super-fun and beautiful place to go!

Jekyll Island

Impressive buildings in historic area, lovely restaurant on wharf, bike riding on great trails, and several beaches.

Santa Barbara Harbor sea wall walk

Stroll to the end of the breakwater while waves tumble over the sea wall! Sip a pomegranate margarita at an attractive bar!

Manhattan Beach Strand

Beautiful walkway above the beach. Walk for miles, with friendly fitness-lovers!

Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

Wealthy neighborhood with cliffs covered in wildflowers above the turquoise sea.

Harford Pier and Fisherman's Beach, Avila

Long beach with hundreds of pelicans and sailboats bobbing in the water. Stunning views and outdoor cafe on Harford pier.

Cherie Down Beach, Cape Canaveral

Hard sand good for sand castles. Good location to see rocket launch.

Hermosa Beach and Pier

Fun, colorful atmosphere at a wide, pristine, wonderful beach!

Manhattan Beach, Town, and Pier

A little beach town with delightful old-fashioned octagonal-ended pier and surfer shops that lead down to the sea.

Wadsworth Avenue Stairs, Pismo Beach

Stairs down to a wide hard-packed beach.

Sea Cliff Coastal Trail, Del Mar

Hard-packed dirt trail on vertical cliffs above the sea!

Santa Monica Beach and Pier

A super-fun and beautiful place to go!

Boynton Inlet Pier

Nice place to park and watch the water rushing in, or stand on the cement jetty and look back at the beach.

Lompoc Flowers, Town, and Beach

Summertime flower fields, mountains, rocket launches, a beach (often closed), and a wonderful mission.

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