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Loggerhead Beach, Hike & Playground, Juno Bch

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Seabreeze Ave and side streets, Palm Beach

Lovely walk past mansions, flowers, statues, and lanterns.

Seabreeze Ave and side streets, Palm Beach

Lovely walk past mansions, flowers, statues, and lanterns.

Coconut Point Beach Park, Melbourne Beach

Blue-green water, rough surf, and a wooden boardwalk for shade.

Monarch Butterfly Grove and Dunes Trail, Pismo

Sunny monarch butterfly grove amid tall eucalyptus trees, and a fantastic wooden boardwalk over dunes. Plus a wonderland of dunes to play in.

Playalinda Beach, Canaveral National Seashore

Beautiful beach that looks like South Florida beaches, surrounded by pristine nature.

Estero Bay

It's pleasant to take a boat trip in Estero Bay and see the birds and dolphins.

Bowman's Beach, Sanibel Island

Wild windswept beach with flat stretch of desert vegetation, whitish-grey sand, lovely sea birds, and rugged white shells along the shore.

Loggerhead Beach, Hike & Playground, Juno Bch

Wide-open beach with pale grey sand, shells on the shore, and aquamarine water, across from a playground, turtle center, and hike.

Fort DeSoto Battery Laidley, Beach, and Pier

Beautiful beach, long pier, and mortar battery that used to defend the fort.

Brazilian Ave and Pan's Garden walk, Palm Beach

It's blissful to walk past hibiscus flowers, bougainvillea, coconut trees, tall hedges, and mansions, down to the sea.

Pismo State Beach

A glorious beach with sand dunes and a boardwalk with lookout area.

Hollis Garden and Lake Mirror Walk, Lakeland

Beautiful garden with many partitioned areas, tropical plants, flowers, all with the blue lake behind. Plus, promenade around the lake.

Dolphin Bay Resort Walkway, Shell Beach

Sheltered cove with tidepools, and walkway above that's bliss at sunset, and in springtime when there's flowers galore.

Manhattan Beach Strand

Beautiful walkway above the beach. Walk for miles, with friendly fitness-lovers!

Labyrinth Trail, UCSB

Bluff-top trail full of flowers in the spring. Lovely rugged beach and lagoon below.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon

Hearst Castle is like a dream! High, high above the sea!

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