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Indian Creek Playground, Jupiter

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Kelly Park Rock Springs, Apopka

Incredible natural lazy river and swimming pool- crystal clear!

Jupiter Lighthouse Tour and picnic area

Gorgeous view from the top of a lovely red lighthouse with a rare Fresnel lens on top of a little hill.

Hollis Garden and Lake Mirror Walk, Lakeland

Beautiful garden with many partitioned areas, tropical plants, flowers, all with the blue lake behind. Plus, promenade around the lake.

Three Lakes Walk, Celebration

Fantastic shady walk past three lakes, mansions, wildlife, and Celebration Town Center.

Sanford town

Cute town on Lake Monroe, with a lively main strip.

Sanford town

Cute town on Lake Monroe, with a lively main strip.

Colee Hammock Park, Fort Lauderdale

Peaceful park with old trees, shady lawn, and views of the water and mansions.

Belle Isle Walk, Orlando

Lovely walk under huge oaks with tropical vines, past docks and lake views.

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Beach on a spring full of beauty and atmosphere!

Castle Playground, Winter Park

Huge wooden castle playground, interesting exercise station, and birds on a pond.

Jekyll Island

Impressive buildings in historic area, lovely restaurant on wharf, bike riding on great trails, and several beaches.

Aquila Loop Afternoon Walk, Celebration

Magical walk along a lake past cypress knees and lush jungle.

Patch Reef Park, Boca Raton

Beautiful park with wonderful playgrounds side by side!

Shepard Park, Stuart

Waterfront park with boardwalk and benches facing the sunset, plus playground under a huge shady canopy and swings over white sand.

Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari

Fantastic place to see wonderful animals that walk right up to your car! Pure delight!

Lake Parker Park, Lakeland

Paved walking path near lake and winding through jungly forest, incredible playground, but lots of mosquitoes.

Lighthouse Walk, Grantham Pointe, Mount Dora

Lovely land jutting out on Lake Dora, with a lighthouse and walking paths.

Bike Paths, Hilton Head Island

Gorgeous shady bike paths under trees strung with Spanish moss, with borders of flowers, over boardwalks with swamps below.

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