Best Places to See Birds in Florida

It's a happy day when you see a roseate spoonbill with its deep pink feathers, or a pelican riding a wave in the inlet! Here are the best places to spot birds in Florida.

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Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach

Wildlife galore beside a boardwalk with gazebos. A birding paradise!

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

Fun drive on narrow strip of land between bodies of water full of egrets, anhingas, ducks, and moorhens.

Lake Eola Park, Downtown Orlando

Black swans, white swans, ibis birds, herons, anhingas- more than you'd see in the Everglades- pop their heads into the water looking for a meal.

Port Orange Causeway Park, Daytona

Shady boardwalk to enjoy a breeze off the water and see cute birds!

Sawfish Bay Park, Jupiter

Pelicans are happy by the docks, and you can also see spotted sting rays and turtles.

Lake Davis Park path, Downtown Orlando

Sweet little path around Lake Davis in downtown Orlando, where you can see ducks, ibis, anhinga, herons, and swans.

Hollis Garden and Lake Mirror Walk, Lakeland

Stroll around Lake Hollis, admiring anhingas, ibis birds, ducks, and more.

Peacock Beach, Cape Canaveral

See pelicans at the jetty, and peacocks in the neighborhood!

Jupiter Beach and Inlet

Pelicans ride the waves in the inlet on stormy days. They are always just hanging around by the inlet and jetty too! Wonderful to see. 

Riverview Park and Pier, Sebastian

There are many many pelicans here, and a story to hear about why they are here! 

Celebration town walking paths

See baby alligators and birds around every corner!

Kagan Park & Pelican Lake, Juno Bch

Ibis birds, turtles, and a lovely walking path around the lake.


Not a natural area, but incredible wetlands nonetheless, with birds galore. Plus you can feed budgerigars with seedsticks, and see rescued parrots.

Lake Lily Park, Maitland

A city lake where ibis birds stand in trees!

Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach

One-mile loop boardwalk past gorgeous birds, turtles, and sometimes alligators.

Sunshine Wildlife Boat Tour, Stuart

A boat tour past Bird Island, which has all manner of huge woodstorks and birds flying around with whole fish dangling from their mouths.

Winter Garden Lake Apopka Shore

Baby alligators and iridescent moorhens.

Love Street restaurants, Jupiter

See pelicans at the docks, and then eat at a lovely restaurant with views of the lighthouse and technicolor intracoastal waterway. 

Viera Wetlands

Barren area with beautiful birds at sunrise or sunset.

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