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Pita Jungle, Chandler

Arizona, , USA


Situated on a pretty, manmade lake, Pita Jungle has lovely decor and huge windows looking out on the water. There's a patio if you want to sit outside (it's only moderate enough to sit outside in April and early May in Phoenix. Otherwise it's either too hot or too cold). The chicken and hummus is spiced just right. Yum! Go for a walk along the winding paths by the lake after your meal!
Often they have great live music at Jungle Pita, too!

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View from the patio.


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Pita Jungle is located at 1949 W. Ray Rd, Chandler AZ 85224, call (480) 855-3232. It is near the 101 Loop, on Dobson and Ray.
From Highway 202 Eastbound, take Highway 101 South. Take exit 59/ Ray Rd. Turn left on W. Ray Rd.
Around $10 a plate.
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