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Westside Playground, Gainesville

North Florida, FL, USA


Westside Playground is a super fun playground for kids! There is an old-fashioned merry-go-round that kids love to spin! There are swings galore and a structure with tons of climbing opportunities, plus bouncies and a toddler playground with baby swings. All this is under the shade of tall trees! This is a popular spot so there are usually always kids to play with.
Kids will also like the butterfly garden at the Florida Museum of Natural History nearby.

Photo Gallery

There are a multitude of options for playing!

The merry-go-round is a big hit with the kids.

Baby swings in the shade by the toddler playground.

A curvy-sided slide.

The toddler playground.

Parents chat at the toddler playground.

Boy on a bouncy.

Imaginative monkey bars.


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Westside Playground is located at 1001 NW 34th Street, Gainesville FL 32605.
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