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Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park

Miami, FL, USA


Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park truly is in an enchanted forest! You can imagine that plenty of fairies live here! Walk along the paths through a wonderland of tropical trees hung with vines. The sun shines through the trees, glistening on the bright green leaves of the vines. The twisty branches set the atmosphere. Under the shade of the trees are two imaginative playgrounds, a toddler playground with a spinning globe, and a big kid playground with a rope climby that takes you up closer to the trees. Kids have a blast running between the two playgrounds. This is a popular playground so there are usually some other kids to play with.
There are rocks to climb throughout the rest of the park, plus a pond. Clean restrooms are located across from the office.
Come with a friend if you plan to walk through the jungly areas as it doesn't feel safe alone.
Driving this part of town is very hectic, with lots of aggressive drivers.
This park is close to the FIU Biscayne Bay campus.
Nearby, check out the gorgeous blue-green waters of Oleta River State Park. Also take a walk around St. Bernard de Clairvaux Monastery, from 12th century Segovia, Spain!

Photo Gallery

Twisty trees and benches.

Wonderful trees.

A mom sits in the shade on a bench while her kids play.

Tropical vines catching the light.

Rope climby that brings you closer to the treetops.

The toddler playground.

The playground is in an inspiring setting.

Blue sky and vines.



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Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park is located at 1725 Northeast 135th St, North Miami FL 33181.
When you are driving along 135th Street it doesn't look like a beautiful park could be nearby, but turn into the small driveway and you will find it!
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