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Oak Creek Canyon Drive, Sedona

Arizona, , USA


Highway 89A winds its way from Sedona to Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon. As you drive, you take in magnificent views of the red rock canyon walls, and the lush pine forests below. The cliffs are multi-layered; lower down they are made of crimson Coconino sandstone, higher up you see white Kaibab limestone. Stop on Midgely Bridge for a spectacular view of the cliffs above. As you ascend higher and higher up the canyon, the vegetation changes and you may see snow on the pine branches. Near the top, stop at the Oak creek Canyon vista point for views of the canyon you just drove through. Here you can buy Native American specialties.
If you wish to stop for a hike, try the West Fork Oak Creek trail, a 3-mile (one way) easy hike that follows Oak Creek through the high cliff walls of a slot canyon. It's exhilarating to look up at the cliffs above and right beside you! Fall is a nice time of year to do this hike. If you come in summer, arrive early so you can hike before it gets hot! Spring is a nice time to come because there are wildflowers of every color, hummingbirds, and butterflies in the clearing near the trailhead. Arrive early on weekends because of crowds.
For a great swim, stop at Slide Rock, where natural chutes in the rock have formed amazing fast slides, and stunning canyon walls tower above.

Photo Gallery

Red rock beside us.

Driving toward sunlit pine trees.

Tall rock face in the distance.

The amazing red rock cliffs!

All kinds of shapes in the red rock!

Admiring the views beside the road.

Red wall on our right.

Cute shapes in the distance.

Adorable shapes of the red rock.

Blue sky and red rock shapes.

Looking out the sunroof is fun.


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For the Oak Creak Canyon drive, from Sedona, take Highway 89A all the way to Flagstaff.
To get to the West Fork Oak Creek hike, drive north along Highway 89A for 9.5 miles from Sedona. At the 384 milepost, turn into the Call of the Canyon day area for parking. It costs $10 per car to park here. Walk a quarter mile south and you will come to the trailhead, on the west side of the highway down a paved lane that leads between a few houses.
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