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Slide Rock, Sedona

Arizona, , USA


Imagine the fun of being whooshed down natural slides, into deep pools, and then down some more slides. That is the fun you'll have at Slide Rock in Sedona. Towering over you will be Oak Creek Canyon's red ridged walls, which provide shade most of the day. The slide is a slippery creek bottom that has formed slick natural chutes. The force of the water pushing you down is quite strong! The air may be roasting but the water is ice cold! On weekends, huge crowds of people will join you, which mostly adds to the fun! You can escape the crowds by walking up towards the top of slide rock where less people hang out. One word of warning: don't wear a regular swimsuit. The first time I went, I was wondering why people were sliding down in jeans, and thinking that they'd forgotten their swimsuits. No, they were the smart ones! I slid down in my swimsuit, oblivious to the violence that was happening to me because the ice cold water had numbed my legs. Ow! Guess who couldn't sit down for a week after that?!
Also, don't fall and hit your noggen! It is very slippery, and we saw young people limping like old folks after gaining a little too much momentum while walking around and "sliding" when they hadn't really been planning to. Yikes!
On your walk out, notice the Pendley Homestead apple farm and the little cabins where tourists who visited Slide Rock used to stay over a hundred years ago.

Photo Gallery

Endless places to explore!

A father carries his young daughter in the water.

A boy slides down.

Slide rock is like a beach!

Red rock on the drive to Slide Rock.

Beautiful views on the drive.

Driving to Slide Rock...

Amazing red cliff views from the parking lot!

Pendley Homestead House.

Daffodills outside Pendely Homestead House in April.

Cherry blossoms in April.

Swimmers standing by tiny falls.

Swimmers enjoying the cool water.

The water is lovely!

Waves in the water.

Two girls chat by the water's edge.

A boy makes his way down the slide.

A boy prepares to jump.

Jumping in...this looks hazardous to me.

Cruising in the water.

Ready for more fun.

Mini waterfalls along the slide.

Drying off by the amazing red rock.

A woman enjoys a slide down.

The beginning of the journey.

A young couple contemplate the slide.

Amazing rock above the parking lot.

Mountain views at slide rock.

A deep pool section of slide rock.

A long, wild ride!

View of Oak Creek Canyon on the walk back from Slide Rock.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Call (602) 542-0202 before you go to check on the water quality. It is tested daily.
Take Highway 89A north from Sedona. After 7 miles, turn left into the parking lot off Hwy 89A, and pay at the pay booth. Fee is $20 per car for the day in the summer and $10 per car in the winter. Fee is $30 per car on summer weekends and holiday Mondays.
There is a massive amount of parking here. But the park fills up quickly on holiday weekends. Then you must wait a long time for someone to leave before you can enter.
There are restrooms and a market at the beginning of the paved trail that leads to Slide Rock. There are also restrooms at the slide.
Open Feb-April 8am-6pm, May-Aug 8am-7pm, Sept/Oct 8am-6pm, Nov-Jan 9am-5pm. Last entry is half an hour before closing.
Click "satellite" on the map, and zoom in. The red tab is on the parking lot. Just north of there you will see the green water gushing through sandstone rocks that is Slide Rock!
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