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Lake Lotus Nature Park, Altamonte Springs

Orlando, FL, USA


You have a very good chance of seeing an alligator cruising in a stream if you go to Lake Lotus Nature Park. Before I tell you more, I have to warn you the park is closed Monday-Wednesday.
If you want to see an alligator in the wild, here's where to go: When you enter the park, you drive over two bridges. After that there is a boardwalk on your right. Walk on this boardwalk a few steps to a trash can, and then take the right fork. The alligator is right in front of you in shallow water at about 1 o'clock. He likes to hang out in this spot! Come in the middle of the day toward the morning for a better chance to see him sitting in the sun!!
You can also walk a boardwalk through pretty jungle to two gazebos on the lake. Here men fish from the boardwalk. The gazebos are made with a pretty, curved design.
There is a playground at this park too, with a large tire to climb through, and a standard play structure.

Photo Gallery

Shady playground with tire to crawl under!

Bright green trees!

Tree roots.

Peaceful shaded river.

Gazebo by the fishing pier.

The wooden boardwalk is lovely to walk along.

The gazebo has unusual architecture.


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Lake Lotus Nature Park is located at 1153 Lake Lotus Park Rd, Altamonte Springs FL 32714.
NOTE: The park is only open Thurs-Sun 8:30-5:30.
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