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Lake Sybelia Point, Maitland

Orlando, FL, USA


Lake Sybelia is a gorgeous area where a road with sidewalk almost circles the lake. You can ride your bike or walk on the sidewalk, going past docks, glistening water, and bluest sky. Plenty of trees provide shade. At the western end of the road there is a park called Homer Hough Park that is in the loveliest location on the water. Here kids can play on a small play structure and you can push them on baby or regular swings as you look out on the water.
Walk up Packwood Ave to Maitland Art Center and stroll through the magical outdoor chapel (this is free).

Photo Gallery

Dock on the water.

Lush trees on a side street off Lake Sybelia Rd.

Pretty day at Lake Sybelia.

Lake Sybelia Drive canopy of trees.

Ducks on lake.

Fountain on Lake Sybelia.


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Homer Hough Park at Lake Sybelia Point is located at 1320 N. Lake Sybelia Dr, Maitland FL 32751.
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