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Palafox Street, Pensacola

North Florida, FL, USA


Palafox Street is a main street in the historic part of Pensacola, with cute cafes. It almost looks like you're in New Orleans when you look up at the buildings with their wrought-iron balconies. You can feel even more like you're in New Orleans if you drive six minutes off the main strip to Five Sisters Blues Cafe. What a cool place! Surrounded by paintings of the Blues and Jazz greats, you can eat delicious Southern food. Don't miss out on the sweet potatoes (heaven) and the cobbler for dessert. This was our favorite meal on our two week road trip!
If you walk down Palafox Street toward the water you will come to an area with a splash pad for the kids and cool breezes.

Photo Gallery

Church on Palafox Street.

Restaurants on Palafox Street.

Five Sisters Blues Cafe.


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The main area of historic Pensacola is around the 300 block of Palafox Street. There is parking surrounding the splash pad at the waterfront end of Palafox Street.
O'Riley's Irish Pub, 321 South Palafox St, Pensacola FL 32502.
Five Sisters Blues Cafe, 421 West Belmont St, Pensacola FL 32501. Highly recommended!
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