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Mississippi Children's Museum (3 hrs from Memphis)

Tennessee, TN, USA


From the minute you drive up to the Mississippi Children's Museum it looks like it'll be a lot of fun! The building is large and painted in bright colors of blue and lime green, and there is a splash fountain in front. Here you can look out on a pretty view from up high on a hill.
There are tons of things to do inside! Kids can play with toy cars on a race track, or move model trains around a little town. There is a farm house where kids can milk a cow and real water comes out! The cow says moo every once in a while. A large ship with rope climbies and tunnels allows for energetic play. Super fun imaginative play emerges in the basement area where it looks like you're underground and you can crawl through tunnels. There is a stage where kids can perform to music from a jukebox. This is a ton of fun for those with rock star ambitions! There is a piano, chimes, and xylophone kids can play. Kids can also climb inside a turtle and poke their head out, or build a house with a big crane. The fishing and water play activities are a blast, and you can build your own boat and race it. Older and younger kids both enjoy this museum.
Next to the museum is a park with a huge colorful wooden playground and rows of beautiful trees with benches between. If the weather is good, you can combine a visit to the children's museum with some running around in nature.
The neighborhood you drive through to get to the museum is pretty and hilly, though the road has a ton of potholes.
For more places to beat the heat, there is also a Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Jackson where kids can play dodge-ball and hit the gopher on huge electronic game boards.

Photo Gallery

Colorful exterior of the Mississippi Children's Museum.

Splash pad outside the children's museum, with shade for parents.

Farm house where you can milk a cow and real water comes out!

Colored lighting inside the museum.

Lit-up floor in the lobby.

Park with plenty of trees, outside the museum.

Swings at the park outside the museum.

Wooden playground outside the museum.


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Mississippi Children's Museum is located at 2145 Museum Blvd, Jackson MS 39202, call (601) 981-5469.
Open Tues-Sat 9-5, Sun 1-6. Closed Mondays.
Admission is $10 for everyone, free for children under one year old.

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