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Chattanooga town

Tennessee, TN, USA


It's inspiring to walk around Chattanooga town. If you walk toward the river on Market Street you will come to a terraced fountain alongside the Tennessee Aquarium leads down to the river. Here you can sit on the edge of the river and enjoy the breeze. The wall alongside the fountain is decorated with interesting Native American designs. There is a fun stripey brown sculpture along Market Street that kids like to climb inside.
Head uphill on 1st Street and you will come to a lovely wide-open area at the pedestrian-only Walnut Street Bridge, a truss bridge built in 1891. What a romantic spot! Here you can sit under the blue bridge on benches beside pots full of flowers. There is an ice cream place nearby with outdoor seating, called The Ice Cream Show. They fold your topping into the ice cream which is especially delicious if you choose fruit like strawberries mixed into chocolate ice cream. 
Continue uphill and you can walk over the Chattanooga Glass Pedestrian Bridge above a freeway! This is freaky, especially when you notice that some of the glass squares have been replaced with wood planks. The views are great from here, and it's pretty at night when it's lit up. This area looks like it was formerly industrial but is now lovely with its high bluffs and winding river. This is the Bluff View Art District, a magical part of Chattanooga. You will come to the Hunter Museum of Art where you can take in more fantastic views of the river and the blue bridge from its huge windows. There is a kid's craft room with the best views of all! And the artwork is great. Continue past the sculptures in front of the museum (there are some also on a lower grassy level) and you will come to more amazing views over the bluffs, in front of Bluff View Inn and Back Inn Cafe. Here you'll find Bluff View Sculpture Garden on the highest imaginable river bluffs! What a great place! It reminded me so much of Sydney with its turn-of-the century architecture and views from high up above the water. Here you can pick up a delicious European loaf of bread baked fresh that morning from Bluff View Bakery, which is a working bakery with no seating. They have chocolate bread, cinnamon-raisin bread, and sometimes blueberry muffins. If you'd like a place to sit at a bakery, check out Rembrandt's, which is kind of hidden across the street from Houston Museum of Decorative Arts. It's lovely to sit by a large window looking out on the pretty street view and garden, and eat one of their amazing pastries. Their blueberry muffins are memorable! 
You can walk for eight miles along the river on the Tennessee Riverwalk.
Because of Chattanooga's amazing fiber optic internet, there are quite a few startups in the town. Maybe that's why the town has a cool vibe. It is also a college town, with the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, or UTC.
If a tourist, try to stay somewhere near the area I've described so you can walk around and explore to your heart's content. Courtyard Chattanooga Downtown, Springhill Suites, or Residence Inn Chattanooga Downtown are in great spots.
For a carousel and splash pad, check out Coolidge Park, on the other side of the river.
Chattanooga is surrounded by lovely mountains. You can walk in touristy gardens at the top of a mountain at Rock City Gardens, or see an underground (also touristy) waterfall at Ruby Falls.

Photo Gallery

The Hunter Museum of Art, on bluffs above the river.

A lady walks across the Walnut Street Bridge.

High up above the river.

Looking down at modern apartments and the Tennessee Aquarium.

Chief John Ross Bridge, another blue-colored bridge.

Artistic winding path, part of the Tennessee Riverwalk.

Hunter Museum of Art, as seen from the Walnut Street Bridge.

Frosted glass pedestrian bridge that crosses over Highway 58 to the Hunter Museum of Art.

Frosted glass pedestrian bridge.

Walnut Street Bridge and the balcony at the Hunter Museum of Art.

Bench and potted flowers on Walnut Street Bridge.

View as you walk up to the frosted glass walkway.

Baseball sculpture outside the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Free Money, by Tom Otterness.

Savoy sculpture outside the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Sculpture of a young woman outside the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Historic building next to the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Modern architecture of the Hunter Museum of American Art, on its perch above the river.

The Ice Cream Show outdoor seating.

Inside the Ice Cream Show.

Bikes for rent outside the modern apartments near 129 Walnut Street.

Outdoor tables at the Ice Cream Show.

Walkway outside the 129 Walnut Street apartments.

I love these modern apartments near the art museum!

Chattanooga is gorgeous!

Paddling on the Tennessee River outside the Tennessee Aquarium.

Tennessee Riverpark, alongside the Tennessee Aquarium.

Cherokee design.

Young women hanging out outside the Tennessee Aquarium at Tennessee Riverpark.

Stripey brick sculpture on Market St near the river. Fun for kids to climb inside!

The Tennessee Aquarium!

Big windows in Noodles & Co., looking out on Market Street.

Market St and 4th St.


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The Ice Cream Show, 105 Walnut Street, Chattanooga TN 37403.
Bluff View Bakery, 411 E. 2nd Street, Chattanooga TN 37403, call (423) 265-5033 ext. 7. Working bakery- no seating.
Rembrandt's Coffee (bakery), 204 High St, Chattanooga, TN 37403.
Hunter Museum of Art is located at 10 Bluff View Ave, Chattanooga TN 37403, call (423) 267-0968. Open daily 10-5, except Sunday and Wednesday open 12-5, and Thursday 10-8. Closed Jan 1,  closes early Nov 8 and 10, closed Thanksgiving, Dec 24-25, and Dec 31. Admission is $15 for adults, and free for children aged 17 and under. Admission is free the first Thursday of the month 4-8pm.
There is free parking along the road, such as on Walnut Street.
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