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Coolidge Park, Chattanooga

Tennessee, TN, USA


Coolidge Park is a lovely place to take a stroll along the river. For some reason it doesn't always have the same cool breezes as the riverfront on the other side of the water though. You can play frisbee on the large expanses of lawn. Surrounded by sculptures of animals, your kids can play in the splash pad. There is also an antique carousel in a building with big beautiful windows. The animals on the carousel are wonderfully crafted.
Clumpies Ice Cream and Stone Cup Coffee are walking distance, just north of the park on Frazier Ave.
Make sure you check out the wonderful area across the river called the Bluff View Arts District in Chattanooga Town
Kids love a visit to the Tennessee Aquarium

Photo Gallery

Splash pad, and blue bridge behind.

College students play catch on the lawn with views of the bridge behind.

Joggers enjoy a run beside the river.

Bridge, lampposts and long grasses beside the river.

The Walnut Street Bridge, as seen from Coolidge Park.

View of both bridges and the river bluffs, from Coolidge Park.

Walkway down to the river.

Walnut Street Bridge.

Lilies and blue carousel building in the distance.

Horse, tortoise, and elephant sculptures at the splash pad.

The carousel is beautiful.


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Coolidge Park is located at 150 River St, Chattanooga TN 37405.
Carousel hours are M-Tr 11-7, F 11-8, S 10-8, Sn 12-7.
Clumpies Ice Cream, 26 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga TN 37405, call (423) 267-5425.
Stone Cup Coffee, 330 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga TN 37405, call (423) 265-5010.
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