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Newfound Gap Overlook, Great Smoky Mtns

Tennessee, TN, USA


Newfound Gap Overlook is a spacious place to stop to enjoy the great views along Newfound Gap Road. All along the road you get view after view of lovely misty mountains. Stop a while and take the views in. Breathe the fragrant air, see the little wildflowers by the road, and take in all the deep green of the trees. You can walk to the top of the little Rockefeller Memorial- kids like this spot where the world is spread out before them.
Driving along Newfound Gap Road you will pass through many different ecosystems as you get higher and higher. Some are even similar to evergreen spruce-fir forests found in Canada with their adorable Christmas-like trees. This road goes from Gatlinburg TN to Cherokee NC and takes only an hour. It is also called Hwy 441.
Make sure to take the side road to Clingman's Dome (further south on Newfound Gap Road) for impressive views from a very high overlook.
At the southern end of Newfound Gap Road, stop at Mingus Mill and Mountain Farm Museum- both are interesting and picturesque.
Before starting the drive on the Newfound Gap Road, get something to eat in Gatlinburg town as there is no food in the park.
For a great hike in the Great Smokies, check out Grotto Falls, which is near Gatlinburg.

Photo Gallery

High elevation trees on Newfound Gap Rd.

Wildflowers at Newfound Gap Overlook.

Newfound Gap Road.

Views from the Rockefeller Memorial at Newfound Gap Overlook.


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Newfound Gap Overlook is located 15 miles from Gatlinburg on Highway 441 or Newfound Gap Road as it heads toward Cherokee. It is a large parking lot with overlook, restrooms, trail, and raised memorial.
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