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Golisano Children's Museum, Naples

Fort Myers, FL, USA


Golisano Children's Museum in Naples is a beautiful two-storey museum where kids can play for hours. There are the most gorgeous play areas, such as one about the everglades where kids can walk over a clear blue floor and see creatures below. There is a maze with mirrors, and a treehouse with a pretend pet center for its top room. Kids climb up platforms to get to the treehouse, and halfway up, they can see animals having a tea party!
Most fun is the farm area where kids can gather oranges, bell peppers, and tomatoes from plants and load them onto a sorting machine. There is a store near this area where kids can run the register, which has a real conveyor belt. A world cafe has a different menu each month and kids can cook their parents a meal.
Another section has a giant shell kids can walk inside and pretend to be a mermaid under the sea. There are clear columns with bubbles and kids can press buttons to make them light up. There is a boat where kids can fish- more fun than usual because the fish are moving around in a circle!
Upstairs there is a room where only kids aged 8-12 can go. What a great idea! There is also a library with huge windows, and puzzles and games set out.
Outside kids can play at water stations. In another area, kids can make rockets and launch them with tubes that puff air.
There is a snack bar if you're hungry. The air-conditioning is not as freezing as other museums, which is nice.
After being inside, get some nature and watch the sunset at Lowdermilk Beach.

Photo Gallery

The entrance.

Trolley to play inside.

Kids making rockets.

Kids shooting rockets.

Cash register with real moving belt!

Pick lemons off the moving hooks.

Lemons to pick, under a banyan tree.

A toddler fills her shopping cart with produce!

The everglades area with treehouse and clear blue floor.

Kids look down at the clear blue glass to see the animals below.

Alligator and maze in the everglades area.

The beach area with sailboat, fishing spot, bubbling columns of water that light up, and shell to walk inside.

It's beautiful inside the shell.

Push the button and the column of bubbling water lights up.

Cooking a treat for parents waiting in the cafe.

Parents wait in the cafe while their children cook them a meal.

Library room with games upstairs.

Water play stations outside.


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Golisano Children's Museum is located at 15080 Livingston Rd, Naples FL 34109, call (239) 514-0084.
Closed Wednesdays. Open M, T, Th-Sat 10-5, Sn 11-4.
Admission is $10 for people aged one and over.
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