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Lowdermilk Beach, Naples

Fort Myers, FL, USA


It's lovely how, on the west side of Florida, everyone comes out in the evening to watch the sun set over the powdery white beaches. Lowdermilk Beach is one such beach. How perfect it is to bury your toes in the pillowy soft sand, feel the warm breeze on your skin, and watch the sky as it changes. Big clouds puff overhead, lit up by the golden light, while gentle waves lap the shore.
The palm trees that greet you as you walk from the beach parking lot set the tropical mood. There are also grass huts where the sand begins, but too far back to really be useful for shade. Sea oats bob in the wind. The beach is not too wide and the parking is pretty close, making this beach a great choice for families. The only negative is that the gulf smells slightly of rotten eggs.
There are restrooms and showers.
While in Naples, make sure you don't miss Naples Botanical Garden, a truly beautiful place!

Photo Gallery

Sea oats and sunset.

Picnic table and bench in the beach park by a pond.

Palm trees at sunset.

People gather on the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Looking south down the beach.

A group of teens watches the day come to an end.

Children playing in the water.

Father and son walking into the water.

A young couple take a sunset stroll.

Impressive clouds appear as night approaches.

End of day. Huge clouds.


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Lowdermilk Beach is located at 1301 Gulfshore Blvd North, Naples FL 34102, where Banyan Blvd meets Gulfshore Blvd.
Parking costs $1.50 per hour, by cash or credit card.
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