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Tigertail Beach, Marco Island

Fort Myers, FL, USA


Tigertail Beach is not a beach but a wide expanse of mucky mudflats. Here you can rent kayaks. If you want to go to the beach you must cross a deep, dark brown waterway, or else walk very far over the mudflats as the goop grips your flip flops, and then still cross the icky water. What a disappointment! When you enter the beach parking- for a steep $8- there is a sign showing you lovely beach shells and it looks like it will be a promising visit. But after you walk the wooden boardwalk to the beach, what a sight. No shells at all but just meters and meters of mucky mud! You can hear the ocean but you can't easily get there!
Unfortunately, this is one of the only public beaches on Marco Island. Residents Beach is for residents only. And South Beach has a parking lot across the busy main road and far from the sand- this parking lot is hidden and hard to find! Marco Island is an elitist place where you must be staying at a hotel to really enjoy the beach. These kind of places are sad indeed. The beach should be for all to enjoy and there should be public access points and parking all along it!
Instead of visiting Marco Island, which has a very plain and barren look to it, go to Naples instead, with its beautiful Lowdermilk Beach.
One plus, there is a nice playground near the parking lot of Tigertail Beach. Instead of walking north on the mudflats as we were advised, it looks to me on the satellite map like you can walk 3/4 mile south and get to the sand more quickly and without crossing a waterway. This, of course, is very unpleasant in the heat with no shade, so do it in winter only!

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Beachgoers try to cross the waterway to get to the beach.


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Tigertail Beach is located at 490 Hernando Dr, Marco Island 34145.
Parking is $8.
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