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Naples Botanical Garden

Fort Myers, FL, USA


Naples Botanical Garden has a series of stunning tropical-themed gardens. The lush plants of the tropics sure do thrive in Florida, and as you walk around in the humidity you can tell why! When we were there in September it felt like we were walking around in one of those conservatories where humid air is being pumped in! Visit in winter if you can. This will also spare you lots and lots of mosquito bites.
This is truly a first-rate botanic garden with a delightful sight around every corner. From the moment you walk in and make your way through the entry building you are surrounded by huge-leafed, deep green plants.
First you arrive at the children's garden. There is a splash pad and a treehouse. An adorable cottage with a flower garden has a faucet with a pump that kids can use to fill a watering can.
You pass a garden where plants are growing in all manner of interesting objects like handbags, hats, and spoons!
Kids love the butterfly garden inside a small conservatory, and the amazing water lilies in the pond that look like the thin paperboard trays that hold Reese's peanut butter cup candies.
The Brazilian garden has gorgeous tall tropical trees, and the Caribbean garden has hammocks amid palms. The Asian garden has a gong kids can ring, chimes, and a labyrinth. Most exquisite of all is the Balinese area with a pond full of lotus plants with huge grey-green leaves covered in dew and delightful Balinese huts. Nearby there is an area of tiled archways. You could easily spend hours photographing the flowers, trees, and decorations in this botanical garden.
End your day watching the sunset at Lowdermilk Beach.

Photo Gallery

Hammocks between coconut trees, and bromeliads in the Caribbean garden.

Plumeria flowers and small palm tree with black stripes.

Adirondack chairs and hanging plants.

Green grapes on a vine.

Guava tree and Bay Rum tree built into a fence.

Hot pink flowers.

The lovely silvery green tones of a plant.

Flowers falling on the path.

Starfish shapes in the path.

Anhinga bird and reflection.

Gong and labyrinth.

Leaves with a lovely shape!

Swinging benches near the children's garden.

Plantings near the children's garden.

Flower pots and adirondack chairs in the children's garden.

Flowers at the children's cottage.

Flower box at the children's cottage.

Cottage in the children's garden.

Leaves of many colors and varieties!

Flowers planted in rain boots and handbags!!

Pretty sights are around every corner.

Splash pad in the children's garden.

Flower growing over the cottage fence in the children's garden.

Bright-colored tropical flower.

Spiky tree trunk.

Interesting tropical flower.

Mosaic wall in the garden.

Lotus pool and banana trees.

Thatched spirit house in the Southeast Asian garden.

Sculptures of musicians in the Southeast Asia garden.

Thai pavilion and lotus pool.

Bamboo and stencil lantern.

Tropical mosaic pillars and wall.

Island mosaic pillars and wall.

Place to rest a while, in the Southeast Asian garden.


Meditative spot in the Southeast Asian garden.

A tropical scene.

Coconut tree and orchids.

Royal Poinciana tree in the children's garden.

Caribbean trumpet tree.

I love these fat palms!


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Naples Botanical Garden is located at 4820 Bayshore Dr, Naples FL 34112, call (239) 643-7275.
Hours vary with the season. In summer the garden is open 8-3 daily. The second half of September the garden is closed for maintenance. From Oct 1 onward the garden is open daily 9-5, and during some parts of the year daily 10-5. The recorded message has the wrong times on it sometimes. Check the website for correct hours.
Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for children aged 4-14.
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