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53rd Street Beach and Playground, Miami

Miami, FL, USA


53rd Street Beach is a little too far north so that you're not really in the South Beach action anymore. It has less character for that reason, lined with condos and visited by residents. You still get the amazing blue-green water, pretty sand, and pleasant breeze off the water. The short sandy path that leads to the beach is lined with purple and yellow wildflowers. There is a lime-green and pale blue retro lifeguard stand.
The beach is narrow so it's a very short walk to the water, which is good if you have kids. The parking lot is also very close to the beach. There is a large playground under a gigantic shade canopy. This is great, except that much of the playground has become rusty so you have to choose which spots are safe to touch. Workout equipment is dotted among the palm trees and shrubbery. A sand path leads along the beach and is popular with joggers.
21st Street Beach has a more festive feel, while still being pretty mellow compared to 7th Street Beach. And 46th Street Beach has a backdrop of two attractive towers plus a great playground.

Photo Gallery

The color of the water makes me so happy!

A jellyfish on the shore.

Looking south down the beach.

Playground under a shade canopy.

Kids enjoy the play equipment.


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53rd Street Beach is located along Collins Ave. You pull directly into the parking lot from the far right lane (the two lanes on the right are sectioned off from the rest of the road). There are parking meters.
For your GPS, you can use the address of the building immediately south of the parking lot: 5255 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33140.
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