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Perez Art Museum and Maurice Ferre Park

Miami, FL, USA


Perez Art Museum is located on the water and offers glorious public spaces for all to enjoy. When you arrive you walk past giant hanging planters to a wide open patio area. You run down stairs to Maurice Ferre Park and walk under dozens of coconut trees to little hills where you can shout "I'm the king of the castle!" Here, you watch the cruise ships in the harbor.
Up on the patio with its high columns, you discover swings that almost put you to sleep as you sway back and forth in the shade enjoying the cool breeze off the water. What a perfect spot on a hot day- shade and a breeze!
A casual restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating facing the water, Verde, offers organic fare. Buy hazelnut popsicles here- they are so good!
The museum itself is two levels filled with modern art that is very hard to connect to. It was not worth the entrance fee, and if I'd have known, I would have spent the money in the gift shop instead in order to support the museum and its lovely outdoor areas.
There is nothing inside the museum for children to do, though they enjoy the amazing gift shop and the blue string sculpture in the garden between the art museum and the science center. Kids adore running in and out of this sculpture, and the silver criss cross one next to it is fun too. These are free. 
For an unforgettable hands-on museum, check out Frost Museum of Science next door.
For a museum with items everywhere for kids to touch and enjoy, so that the parents can then take time to read the plaques in the museum, check out History Miami. It's a seven minute drive away.

Photo Gallery

Maurice Ferre Park is gorgeous with its palm trees by the bay.

Looking toward the MacArthur Causeway.

Maurice Ferre Park is a very green spot!

Stairs and benches by the bay, with museum in the background.

You can see the cruise ships!

There are little hills that inspire kids to run!

Landscaped hills are very much appreciated in flat Florida!

Palms and blue sky.

Looking toward the museum from Maurice Ferre Park.

Shady, breezy spots to hang out.

Swings with a water view, empty as the rain approaches.

Adirondack chairs with a bay view, and hanging plants.

People relax on the swinging chairs.

Breezy spot to enjoy the afternoon.

A girl checks her phone while sitting on a swing.

A lady walks down the stairs, observing the bridge.

Side garden with hanging plants.

The Leisure Pit, by Nicolas Lobo, an art piece in the museum.

Maurice Ferre Park and views of the cruise ships, next door to the museum.

Perez Art Museum and gardens.

Garden between Frost Museum of Science and Perez Art Museum.

Behind the Perez Art Museum, kids can walk through this interesting blue sculpture.

Blue strings kids can walk through, behind the Perez Art Museum.

Selfie spot.

Beautiful trees you see from the swings.

The stairs in Maurice Ferre Park.

Walking past the hanging plants beside the museum.

High columns and water view.

The water is a gorgeous color outside the museum.

Walkway in Maurice Ferre Park.

Looking toward the causeway, from the walkway at Maurice Ferre Park.

Rocks and water swirling around.

Little mounds in the grass are fun for kids.

Sculpture of a face.

Large face sculpture.

Regal palms and airplane.

Sunny day at Maurice Ferre Park.

The causeway and lovely sunny day at Maurice Ferre Park.

Perez Art Museum and palms.

Palms and city skyscrapers.

Rows of regal palms.

Row of palms and museum building.

Freedom Tower, nearby, as seen at night.

Cruise ship terminal as seen at night from the causeway nearby.


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Perez Art Museum is located at 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL 33132, call (305) 375-3000.
Open Fri-Tues 10-6, and Thurs 10-9. Closed on Wednesday. Closed on Thanksgiving (fourth Thurs in Nov) and Dec 25.
Admission is $16 for adults, and $12 for students, children aged 7-18, and seniors aged 62 and up. Free for children 6 and under.
There is a covered parking lot for $2/hour.
Entrance to the swings is free, but only possible during museum hours.
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