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Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Augustine

North Florida, FL, USA


The Memorial Presbyterian Church, built by railroad magnate Henry Flagler, has the distinctive look found all around St. Augustine's old town. It was built with poured concrete (cement, sand, and coquina shell) and has beautiful terra cotta ornamentation over the exterior. Created in Spanish Renaissance style, it was inspired by St. Mark's Basilica in Venice.
In 1889, Henry Flagler built the church in honor of his grown daughter who died that year. Flagler is buried in the church, along with family members.
Go inside and check out the peaceful blue interior and Tiffany glass windows.
Another religious site to visit is the Mission Nombre de Dios, an adorable ivy-covered chapel that is a pilgrimage site (you need to drive to it).

Photo Gallery

I love the decorations above these windows on Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Glorious golden details on Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Gold doorway.

Looking into the courtyard.

Arched stained windows.

The rose window and amazing pointed archways.

Stained glass windows inside the church.

The peaceful blue interior.

Blue rotunda.

Round stained glass window.

Door with purple stained glass.

Ceiling lantern in Memorial Presbyterian Church.

I love these windows!

The impressive front of the church.

What a beautiful creation!

Trees outside the church.


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Memorial Presbyterian Church is located at 32 Sevilla St, St. Augustine FL 32084. There is some free parking on the nearby streets, and some metered parking beside the church.
It is free to enter the church and walk around.
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