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Pirate Playground, Fernandina Beach FL

North Florida, FL, USA


Pirate playground is an imaginative playground in a forest setting. You can't see it from the road but it is on the far west end of, and behind, the recreation center. Park you car on the west end of the parking lot and then follow the path to the playground.
There are plenty of fun things to do! The most popular is the water/mud play area which keeps kids' attention for hours. Here there are scoopers and big troughs of water below one another. Kids can control how much water comes out the spigot.
There is a music area with xylophone and chimes. A four-seat spinner makes for some dizzy fun. There's a rope climbey, accessible swings, bouncey stepping stones, and a cylinder to spin under your feet. Swinging chairs make a nice spot for parents to sit. There's an accessible see-saw, and a make-believe ship with pirate flag, icecream shop, and tool barn.
There is plenty of shade from huge scrubby trees.
After playing, go for an ice cream or visit the toy store at the main street of Fernandina Beach town, Center Street.

Photo Gallery

Amelia Island has a lot of spooky ragged trees.

Kids having a ton of fun at the water station.

Music station.

Two boys run by the spinner.

A dad pushes kids on the spinner.

A rocking bench, and space-age climbies.

A cute playground.

Accessible see-saw.


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Pirate Playground is located at 2500 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach FL 32034, behind the recreation center. You can't see the playground from the road or parking lot. Park in the far western end of the recreation center parking lot. Then walk the path to the playground.
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