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Fernandina Beach town

North Florida, FL, USA


Fernandina Beach has a cute main strip along Center Street. Here you can find little stores like an ice cream shop called Fantastic Fudge, a great toy store called Villa Villekulla Toys, and plenty of restaurants. The street runs down to the harbor where you can see a pink sunset and look across the water at Cumberland Island, Georgia.
If you walk along the side streets you can see some nice Victorian homes, around Alachua St and North 6th St.
At Christmastime it is beautiful on Center Street, with little lights covering every tree. This is more enchanting than the Christmas lights in St. Augustine, I think. The courthouse also looks pretty lit up at night.
Unfortunately there are two gigantic paper mills spewing out fumes right by the main strip. This really ruins the quaint charm that the town would otherwise have. Also the oak trees with Spanish moss (the kind of trees I usually love) are kind of scrubby and not endearing here.
For a delicious meal in a delightful courtyard strung with lights and blessed with tropical plants, check out Pi Infinite Combinations. You can order your pizza by the slice but made to order with the toppings you want.
If your kids need a playground, check out Pirate Playground, a six minute drive away.
If you'd like to see the mansions along the shore of Amelia Island and the wild horses (from a distance) on Cumberland Island, take a boat trip on Amelia River Cruises from the harbor.

Photo Gallery

The harbor is lovely.

Boats in the harbor.

Boat docked in the harbor.

A cute building.

Nice stores along Center Street.

Cute Christmas lights.

The Christmas lights are lovely.

Walking along in the evening.

Historic building outlined in twinkling lights.

Historic building.

Clock tower on the courthouse which was built in the late 19th century in Italianate style.

Nice wide sidewalk.

A sweet little main strip.

The clocktower is beautiful at night.

Magical lights.

The clocktower and Christmas lights.

Lights galore!

The lampposts are also magical!

Bench by Christmas lights and lampposts.

Fountain on Center Street.

A wonderful place to walk at night during the holidays.

Cool Southern-style building on 3rd Street.

Lovely front patio of Pi Infinite Combinations, strung with lights.

Fountain on front patio of Pi Infinite Combinations. A romantic place!

I love the way this building is lit up!

Historic building lit up.

Lovely lights.

Cute lights on top of building.

Dog Star Tavern, on 2nd Street.


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The main street of Fernandina Beach is Center St which runs several blocks from around 8th St until it meets the harbor at Front St.
Fantastic Fudge, 218 Center St, Fernandina Beach FL 32034, call (904) 277-4801.
Villa Villekulla Toys, 5 s. 2nd Street, Fernandina Beach FL, call (904) 432-8291.
Pi Infinite Combinations, 19 S. 3rd St, Fernandina Beach FL 32034, call (904) 432-8535. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
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